NEW Unsung Hero Award DEADLINE- December 15th, 2018

NEW Unsung Hero Award DEADLINE is DECEMBER 15th, 2018. The ICCA takes great pride in recognizing our exceptionally talented and amazing athletes and coaches each year. ALL ICCA Unsung Hero Award nominations MUST BE SUBMITTED by Saturday, December 1... Read More

2019 ICCA Championship Info

35th Annual ICCA Championships

January 5th-6th, 2019

Bank of Springfield Center

1, Convention Center Plaza, Springfield, IL 62701


Masterview Video Productions

Masterview Video Productions your 2018, 2017, & 2015 video partner, for the ICCA Championships. Masterview is already shipping some of the 2018 performances, so don’t delay be sure to place your order on the Masterview Website.” Forgot to order one of the prior years, not a problem Masterview  has the 2015, and 2017, masters in their archives as displayed on the website. Use the following link below to go to the Masterview website.

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Event Name: ICCA




Ready. Set. Bedazzle.

Ready, Set, BeDazzle is the Official Vendor of the 35th Annual ICCA Championship! Don’t wait in line for the amazing apparel offered at the ICCA Championship weekend, ORDER your choices of exciting apparel designs on the Ready, Set, BeDazzle website!

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