NEW Unsung Hero Award DEADLINE- December 15th, 2018

NEW Unsung Hero Award DEADLINE is DECEMBER 15th, 2018. The ICCA takes great pride in recognizing our exceptionally talented and amazing athletes and coaches each year. ALL ICCA Unsung Hero Award nominations MUST BE SUBMITTED by Saturday, December 1... Read More

2016 Champions

  • Non-Stunt Junior High- Casey Middle School
  • Small Junior High- Bradley Central J.H.
  • Medium Junior High- Triad J.H.
  • Large J.H.- St. Michael J.H.
  • Freshman- Lockport H.S.
  • Small Junior Varsity- Carl Sandburg H.S.
  • Large Junior Varsity- Lockport H.S.
  • Small Varsity- Lexington H.S.
  • Medium Varsity- Highland H.S.
  • Large Varsity- Edwardsville H.S.
  • C0-Ed Varsity- Addison Trail H.S.
  • All-Girl Stunt Group- Edwardsville HS- Orange