NEW Unsung Hero Award DEADLINE- December 15th, 2018

NEW Unsung Hero Award DEADLINE is DECEMBER 15th, 2018. The ICCA takes great pride in recognizing our exceptionally talented and amazing athletes and coaches each year. ALL ICCA Unsung Hero Award nominations MUST BE SUBMITTED by Saturday, December 1... Read More

IHSA Information Concerning Stunt Groups

IHSA By-law 5.342 Contest Limitations, states that no Competitive Cheerleading Team or member of that team, representing a member school shall, in any one season, participate on more than six (6) dates, exclusive of the IHSA series. By definition, a stunt group competing in a stunt contest counts as a contest date. However, if the stunt competition is on the same date that the school’s cheer team competes in a contest/competition, it would NOT count as an additional date, per IHSA By-law 5.342 Contest Limitations.