2021-2022 ICCA Invitational Dates

2021-2022 ICCA Invitational Dates November 20 Waterloo November 28 Alton December 4  Pontiac December 4 Carterville December 5 Mt. Vernon December 11 Highland December 11 Farmington December 11 Rockford Guilford December 12 Pinckney... Read More


About the ICCA Scholarship program

ICCA provides monies to senior cheerleaders as scholarship money for continuing education. These winners are selected from seniors throughout the state of Illinois who excel in cheerleading as well as the classroom.  Seniors who apply need to be members of ICCA. The finalists will be contacted to set up their interview time which may be conducted via Zoom.  Below is a list of information needed when applying for a scholarship.  To apply for Scholarship please go to the link below and complete online.

Scholarship Information 2021-22

1) Your school must be an ICCA member or you as an individual have to be an ICCA member to be eligible for a scholarship.

2) You must complete the form online by November 30th, 2021 by midnight to be considered for an ICCA Scholarship.

3) Potential scholarship winners will be interviewed and awards will be awarded at the Championships.

4) You need to contact the registrar at your school and have him or her send an official transcript that includes a non-weighted GPA and ACT/SAT score. This should be in a sealed envelope and sent to the Scholarship Director (address on google form).

5) You must download the coach’s questionnaire from the google form and give it to your coach to fill out and send in a sealed envelope to the Scholarship Director. (address on google form)

6) Scoring Values:  Academic – 50 pts, Cheerleading Skills – 45 pts, Coaches Questionnaire – 5 pts

7) Video scoring is done by 3 members of the ICCA Board of Directors.

8) Create your video and submit using the directions on the application form.

Instructions: Applicant must be in uniform OR practice wear.  All skills must be performed on a cheer mat (No spring floor). Other cheerleaders seen in the video should be in practice clothing and only seen during the stunting section.  The video must be no more than 2 minutes and in the following order:  1)  Cheer  2)  Dance  3)  Jumps  4)  Tumbling  5)  Stunts
Cheerleading Skills Video – 45 points
                        – Voice (5 points)
                        –  Motions (5 points) evaluated throughout the whole video
                         –  Dance (5 points)
                         –  Jumps (5 points)
                         –  Tumbling (5 points)
                         –  Stunts ( 5 points)
                         –  Creativity/Originality (5 points)
                                     How your video stands out from others
                         – Overall Appeal (5 points)
                         – Video follows order and guidelines (5 points)

***Videos not submitted in the correct order listed above will not be considered for Scholarship.***

2021 Scholarship Winners

  • Ava Stroobosscher- Carl Sandburg High School 
  • Lily Nevin- Carl Sandburg High School
  • Abby Wall- Greenville High School
  • Ella Vacek- Oswego East High School 
  • Kalysta Conley- Vienna High School  

2020 Scholarship Winners

  • Anna Picaente- Carl Sandburg
  • Caroline Schmidt- Carl Sandburg HS
  • Callie Metzger- Waterloo
  • Kamryn Daiber- Highland
  • Lauren Weiner- Alton
  • Elizabeth Gwaltney- Carmi White
  • Meghan McCurdy- Carl Sandburg
  • Ellie Behnke- Oswego East
  • Olivia Schrame- Oswego East
  • Taylor Andrews- Oswego East
  • Taylor Anderson- Peoria
  • Grace Napp- alton
  • Stephanie Gaspardo- Carl Sandburg

2019 Scholarship Winners

  • Chicoyah Hunt- Thornton Twsp
  • Elaina Vitale- Columbia
  • Carly Etter- Mater Dei
  • Sarah Litchfield- Farmington
  • Erin Peters- Rockridge
  • Kelsi Kessler- Carmi-White
  • Hailey Keller- Civic Memorial
  • Lauryn Douthit- Effingham
  • Addison Peckham- Farmington
  • Katherine Georges- Limestone

2018 Scholarship Winners

  • Paige Way- Edwardsville
  •  Peyton Roedder- Carmi-White
  •  Breana Smith- Alton
  • Mara Caldieraro- Greenville
  • Logan Hilmes- Greenville
  • Camryn Rowe- Rockridge
  • Kenzee Dycus- Mt. Vernon
  • Brooke Hudson- Granite City
  • Amy Weslow- Carl Sandburg
  • Zoe Walrath- Rockridge

2017 ICCA Scholarship Winners

  •  Morgan Goebel – Edwardsville
  •  Johnel Eubanks – Benton
  •  Alyssa Vignos – New Berlin
  • Ally Litchfield – Farmington Central
  • Jessica Hall – Columbia
  • Sydney Morgan – Mt Vernon
  • Justice Conover – Carterville
  • Bailey Wills – Highland
  • Emma Moore – Edwardsville
  • Jesse Slack – Sesser-Valier

2016 Scholarship Winners

  • Hannah Andrews –   Oswego East
  • Nicole Infantino – Addison Trail
  • Alyssa Dollison – O’Fallon
  • Kaylee Nichols – Williamsville
  • Nathan O’Connor –  Tremont
  • Audrey Kosydor  – Highland
  • MaKayla Gayler  – Oakwood
  • Chase McQueen  -Edwardsville
  • Marissa Wheeler  –   Highland
  • Jessica Hammel  – Carlyle
  • Kaylen Keele  –  Carlyle

2015 Scholarship Winners

  • 1st Place – Celeste Bremley             Edwardsville
  • 2nd Place – Avani Yaganti               O’Fallon
  • 3rd Place – Kara Kennedy               Victor J Andrew
  • Hailey Flanagan                                East Richland
  • Amy Kovarik                                      Sesser-Valier
  • Renee Rivera                                     Mater Dei
  • Taylor Hitchcock                              Rockridge
  • Sarah Hotzel                                      University High
  • Kelsey Jones                                      Williamsville
  • Emily Kuberski                                 Pinckneyville
Here is a list of our past winners