2023 ICCA Championship Dates

The 38th Annual ICCA Championship will be held on January 21st & 22nd, 2023 at the Bank of Springfield Center, 1 Convention Center Plaza, Springfield, IL. Read More



*All  ICCA Competitions ONLY utilize IHSA Licensed Officials*

Fees for all ICCA Invitationals are as follows:
Member schools- $125       Non-Member schools- $175

***The ICCA will NOT offer the ICCA Championship for the 2021 Competitive Cheer season ***

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2020-2021 ICCA Invitational Dates 

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**2021 Competition Guidelines**


    All IHSA rules and by-laws are still being applied as we are in season.
    Through March 13th, anyone that has contact with a competitive cheer team must be in compliance with IHSA Coaching Bylaw 2.070.
    To serve a member school as a Head or Assistant Coach, athletic coaches in member schools must:
    (a) be regularly certified by the ISBE as a teacher, administrator, or school service personnel (i.e. counselor, social
    worker, speech therapist, etc., including substitute teachers), or
    (b) be a retired teacher/coach from an IHSA member school, or
    (c) be a college student coaching as part of an official student teaching assignment, or
    (d) be certified through HKCE, NFHS or other IHSA Board approved coaches certification program (see IHSA Policy Number 9 for a complete list of approved programs), and
    (e) be at least 19 years of age, and
    (f) be officially employed by the local school board of the member school.
    2.071 All remuneration for high school athletic coaching must be from the Board of Education of the member school employing the coach.
    Illustrations for Section 2.070 of the Constitution…
  • 2-1-21 Although the IDPH restrictions have changed the IHSA will NOT be allowing STUNTING at the Sectional or State level regardless. The ICCA will also NOT ALLOW STUNTING through this season in order to follow the IHSA directives.
  • Please communicate with each invite host directly for questions regarding each respective event.
  • Fees are $125 per team registered. (Ex: Smith HS Varsity and Smith HS JV would be 2 separate fees for a total of $250)
  • Video performances may NOT be on a spring floor per NFHS Rule 2.1.8 pg 14 in the NFHS RULE BOOK
  • Due to the possibility of Covid-19 restricting performances, the same video may be used for multiple ICCA competitions.
  • Performance Videos will NOT require a code prior to performance, however the video must be full view of all team members and taken from an elevated position. Video may be done on a 42’x54′ cheer floor, basketball floor or other safe and suitable surface. Should the performance be done on a surface with no mat, ALL NFHS guidelines in regard to appropriate surfaces must be followed (No twisting of somi/flip skills on a gym floor. NFHS RULE 3.8.6 pg 31)
  • A coach or athlete must state the team’s NAME, DIVISION and NUMBER OF ATHLETES performing in the routine PRIOR to the start of the routine.
  • Awards will be announced via ZOOM meeting. Invites will be sent to participating schools only.
  • Videos of the performances will be available for 48 hours AFTER the awards announcement to the participating schools only.

**Updated 2-15-21 8:30pm**

Invitational Host Registration Closes Payment must be received Video Uploading Link Video Upload Deadline Competition Date
Farmington Feb. 10 Feb. 12 Feb. 13 Feb. 19 by 10pm Feb. 20
Highland Feb. 10 Feb. 12 Feb. 13 Feb. 20 by 6pm Feb. 21
Wilmington Feb. 10 Feb. 12 Feb. 13 Feb. 20 by 6pm Feb. 21
Peoria Feb. 17 Feb. 19 Feb. 20 Feb. 25 by 6pm Feb. 27
Pinckneyville Feb. 17 Feb. 19 Feb. 20 Feb. 25 by 6pm Feb. 28
Oswego East Feb. 17 Feb. 19 Feb. 20 Feb. 25 by 6pm Feb. 28


ICCA Invitational Officials

February 20 February 21 February 21 February 27 February 28 February 28
Farmington Wilmington Highland Peoria Oswego East Pinckneyville
Head Official Head Official Head Official Head Official Head Official Head Official
Becky Weslow TereLynn Svetlecich Julie Matarelli Julie Matarelli TereLynn Svetlecich Julie Matarelli
Panel Panel Panel Panel Panel Panel
Amber Cruser Heather Kirkley Becky Lussenheide Heather Kirkley Amber Cruser Jasmine Owens
Cheryl Clark Judy O’Brien Laura Wager Laura Wager Jane Tallitsch Cheryl Clark