2019 Apparel and Photographer Bids

The ICCA is currently accepting bids for our Official Apparel Vendor as well as Championship Photographers. If your business is interested in submitting a bid for either of the aforementioned opportunities, please contact Neva Corn, Vendor Director a... Read More


***NEWS FLASH– As approved by the IHSA & IESA (February 7th, 2019 Board meeting) Advisory Committees, the routine time limit for Freshman, JV , VARSITY & JUNIOR HIGH teams has been increased from 1:30 to 2:00. ICCA will follow these time limit guidelines at ALL ICCA co-sponsored events in 2019-2020***

*All  ICCA Competitions utilize IHSA Licensed Officials*

2019-2020 ICCA Competitions

**The ICCA will follow the IHSA & IESA directives in music length/time for

Freshman,  JV, Varsity  & Junior High Teams with a max time limit of 2:00. 

**Links for registration of ICCA invitationals will open soon. Please check back frequently!**

DOWNLOAD A .PDF  of the 2019-2020 ICCA Invitationals here.

Date                             Site                                Region

November 23, 2019    Waterloo                      Region 5

December 1, 2019        Alton                              Region 5

December 7, 2019       Pontiac                           Region 3

December 8, 2019       Arcola                            Region 4

December 8, 2019       Pinckneyville              Region 5

December 14, 2019      Rockford Guilford    Region 2

December 14, 2019      Farmington                  Region 3

December 14, 2019      Highland                        Region 5

December 15, 2019      Marian Catholic          Region 1

December 15, 2019      New Berlin                    Region 4

December 15, 2019      Mt. Vernon                    Region 5

December 21, 2019      Oswego East                  Region 1

December 21, 2019      Peoria                               Region 3

December 21, 2019      Benton                              Region 5

December 22, 2019      Wilmington                   Region 1

December 22, 2019      Edwardsville                 Region 5

January 11-12, 2020 – The 36th Annual ICCA Championship will be held at the Bank of Springfield Center- Springfield, IL.- Registration Links will be sent only to those teams who have qualified at Invitationals.

January 19, 2020         Knoxville                         Region 3

January 26, 2020        Mater Dei                        Region 5


ICCA Stunt Group Scoresheet 

ICCA Stunt Group Deduction sheet


As you may be aware, Apple products are moving away from the “headphone ports” on the iPhone 7. Adapters for the charging port (3.5mm lightning jack/audio music adapter) will be needed to use the iPhones and subsequent Apple products as a source of competition music. It is the coaches responsibility to have any required adapters. Please consult with invitational managers or venue DJ if you have any questions.