NEW Unsung Hero Award DEADLINE- December 15th, 2018

NEW Unsung Hero Award DEADLINE is DECEMBER 15th, 2018. The ICCA takes great pride in recognizing our exceptionally talented and amazing athletes and coaches each year. ALL ICCA Unsung Hero Award nominations MUST BE SUBMITTED by Saturday, December 1... Read More

Board of Directors

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ICCA Board Members

President- Betty Moore

Vice President- Cindy Rueter

Vice President- Mickey Klement

Finance Director- Tibretta Reiman

Secretary- Marjorie Stricklin

Membership Director- Hillary Rikli

Conference/Clinic Director- Kara Bent

Scholarship Director- Joanna Enoch

All-State Director- Kelly Aylesworth

Vendor Director- Neva Corn

Marketing Director- Valerie Mallon

Public Relations Director- Kent Simmons

Chicago Representative- Melody Brown

Chicago Delegate- Chris Rouvas

Region 1 Representative- Jorie Stevens

Region 1 Delegate- Holly Baumgarten

Region 1 Delegate- Sharon Snyder

Region 2 Representative- Valerie Mallon

Region 2 Delegate- Mary Mitchell

Region 2 Delegate- Veronica Seehawer

Region 3 Representative- Cathi Sprecher

Region 3 Delegate- Tara Loyer

Region 3 Delegate- Gina Dailey

Region 4 Representative- Kelly Aylesworth

Region 4 Delegate- Kendra Koehne

Region 5 Representative- Chrissy Vickers

Region 5 Delegate- Lisa Turner

Region 5 Delegate- Cheryl Haselhorst

Region 5 Delegate- Cheryl Clark

Trustee- Carla Taylor

Trustee- Joan Schmelzle

Trustee- Pamela Dorner-Saxhaug


Interested in Becoming a Member of the ICCA Board of Directors?

Applicants must be an ICCA member in good standing and be willing to participate actively on the Board of Directors by attending all Board meetings, committing to responsibilities, participating on the committees, and representing the ICCA as needed. Please fill out the online application form below. Your application must be submitted by January 26th, 2018. From these applications, the ICCA Board of Directors will slate nominations to be presented at the Coaches Conference. Applicants not slated may be written in on the ballot at the time of the election.

Membership on the ICCA Board of Directors is a large time commitment. Attendance at all Board meetings is necessary. These meetings are always held in the central region of the state, which may call for travel, depending on what part of the state you reside. Time commitments vary based on the position; however, our Board of Directors is a cohesive team and Board members are required to assist to ensure the success of the ICCA Board of Directors and all ICCA events. Failure to attend meetings or participate on the Board may be cause for removal from the Board of Directors.

If you are not slated for a position on our Board of Directors, we will keep your application for consideration of appointed positions such as Region Delegates and Committee Members. These positions are important, non-voting members of our Board of Directors who provide assistance to the Board and allow more people to be actively involved in ICCA. This is a wonderful opportunity for people to become familiar with the Board before becoming a Director.

Applications should be submitted  online by January 26th, 2018. Questions may be sent to Joanna Enoch at: [email protected] 

Please fill out the ICCA Board of Directors Application via this link:

ICCA Board of Directors Application Form


Positions and available job descriptions for elections held in 2018:

  • Coaches Vice- President
4.3.1 Shall assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President and the Judges
          Vice President
4.3.2 Shall keep updated on National Federation Spirit Rules
4.3.3 Shall provide updated ICCA rules for the Board of Directors and all member schools
           by August 1 st
 4.3.4 Shall update the Region Representatives and Delegates the rule changes and
4.3.5 Shall assist the Judges Vice President at all judges workshops
4.3.6 Shall perform such other duties as may be designated by the Board of Directors
  • Secretary
4.4.1 Shall keep accurate records
4.4.2 Shall prepare a financial statement to be presented to the Board of Directors at each
          board meeting
4.4.3 Shall be the liaison with the ICCA accountant
4.4.4 Shall be responsible for receiving all financial reporting
  • Business Director
1 Shall oversee day to day business operations of the organization
4.6.2 Shall ensure organization is on track to meeting financial goals
4.6.3 Shall provide guidance to President and Board of Directors
4.6.4 Shall ensure organization has resources/equipment to fulfill commitments to programs
4.6.5 Shall oversee acquisition, delivery and storage of equipment and supplies
4.6.6 Shall ensure contracts, insurance and government regulations and safety standards are
4.6.7 Shall communicate and plan with the President for all business issues
4.6.8 Shall be the Chairman of the Tellers Committee
  • Scholarship Director
4.10.1 Shall prepare the qualifications for scholarship candidates
4.10.2 Shall form a committee to assist with the completion of his/her duties.
4.10.3 Shall preside over the committee that selects the finalists
4.10.4 Shall preside over the scholarship final competition at the Championships
4.10.5 Shall assure no conflict of interest with the committee or Scholarship Director
4.10.6 Shall prepare the list of scholar athletes
4.10.7 Shall send a press release to each finalist after review from the Marketing Director
  • Vendor Director
4.12.1 Shall secure vendors for all conferences/clinics
4.12.2 Shall secure vendors for the Invitational competitions
4.12.3 Shall secure vendors for Championships
4.12.4 Shall approve, design, purchase, and coordinate the selling of ICCA memorabilia and
            cheer items at Invitational and Championship.
4.12.5 Shall arrange for profits from the sale ICCA memorabilia and cheer items to pay for
            senior scholarships to be presented at Championships
4.12.6 Shall be responsible for ordering awards for Championships
  • Marketing Director
4.13.1 Shall work directly with ICCA’s chosen public relations agency
4.13.2 Shall develop PR strategies and initiatives to improve public perception of the
4.13.3 Shall create promotional literature about new events and programs
4.13.4 Shall develop and maintain ICCA’s image and logo
4.13.5 Shall oversee Championship program advertising
4.13.6 Shall form a committee to assist with the completion of his/her duties
  • Conference & Clinic Director
4.9.1 Shall oversee all aspects of the coaches’ conference(s)
4.9.2 Shall determine sessions and speakers for each conference/clinic
4.9.3 Shall make arrangements and contracts with conference site
4.9.4 Shall prepare the program and evaluation forms for final review from Marketing
4.9.5 Shall be responsible for the invitations and reservations for each clinic
4.9.6 Shall form a committee to assist with the completion of his/her duties
4.9.7 Shall work with the Vendor Director on arrangements for vendor displays and gifts
          for the conference
  • Public Relations Director
4.14.1 Shall prepare newsletter for printing and mailing quarterly
4.14.2 Shall gather articles for the newsletter
4.14.3 Shall oversee and update ICCA’s website and media
  • Region Representatives from even numbered Regions- Chicago, Region 2, Region 4
4.15.1 Shall be responsible for correspondence to their member schools
4.15.2 Shall meet with their area delegates to establish procedures and dates for meetings
with their area member schools
4.15.3 Shall vote on behalf of the region at ICCA Board of Directors meetings
4.15.4 Shall attempt to increase membership
4.15.5 Shall procure dates and oversee invitationals