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All State Cheer Team

If you have a passion for the sport of cheerleading and would love to be recognized for your hard work and effort, then YOU need to apply for the ICCA All-State Team! A lucky group of outstanding athletes are selected from the best varsity level cheerleaders throughout the state of Illinois.

Junior and Senior athletes are eligible to apply provided you are a member of your varsity cheerleading team. If you are also applying for the ICCA Scholarship, we’ve made it even easier for you. The video requirements are the same! How easy is that?!

1. Your school must be an ICCA member OR you as an individual must be an ICCA member to be eligible to apply.
2. You must complete and submit your application online by the deadline stated on the application.
3. Those selected will be posted on the ICCA website by the date stated on the application.
4. Create your video, take a head shot photo in your uniform and submit using the directions on the application form.

1. Applicant must be in uniform in the skills video.
2. Applicant must be in uniform for photo (head shot).
3. Other cheerleaders seen in the video should be in practice clothing and only seen during the stunting section.
4. All skills must be performed on a cheer mat (NO spring floor).
5. The video should be no longer than 2 minutes.
6. Follow the directions on the application form regarding the video and photo upload.

The video is required to be in the following order:
1.  Sideline Crowd Leading Cheer (no stunts but must incorporate one jump and a tumbling skill)
2.  Dance (dance should have three 8-counts and use audible music)
3.  Combination Jump (Demonstrate your best triple jump)
4.  Tumbling (include ONE each of your best standing tumbling AND a running tumbling pass)
5.  Stunt sequence (Applicants for the stunt sequence may be the base, top or back spot but not the front spot. Two
stunt MAX).

***Videos not submitted in the correct order listed above will not be considered for the All State Team.***


The skills video is worth (60) points. See the breakdown below of how your video will be judged.
• Voice (5 points): Articulation/volume/pacing
• Motions (10 points): Evaluated throughout the whole video. Placement/execution/sharpness
• Dance (5 points): Rhythm/timing/execution
• Jumps (10 points): Flexibility/execution/form/height/landing
• Tumbling (10 points): Difficulty/execution/technique
• Stunting (5 points): Difficulty/execution/technique/variety
• Creativity/Originality (5 points): How your video stands out from others
• Overall Appeal (5 points): Enthusiasm/energy/facials/appropriateness
• Video follows order and guidelines (5 points)


For questions about the All-State team or process, please email All-State Director Gina Dailey at: [email protected]


Click the link to complete the form online: All State Application Form


Congratulations to the

2022 ICCA All-State Team

Elisabeth Blumeyer – Mt. Vernon Township HS
Rhea Fowler – Highland HS
Miranda Hursey – Farmington Central HS
Gabbi Kreke – Effingham HS
Delaney Lines – Williamsville HS
Madison Meyer – Carterville HS
Avery Pingsterhaus – Mater Dei Catholic HS
Lily Prater – Greenville HS
Madalyn Riebel – Carl Sandburg HS
Addyson  Roberts – Illini Bluffs HS
Madysen Schutte – Illini Bluffs HS
Elisa Shaheen – Carl Sandburg HS
Nicole Tatar – Carl Sandburg HS
Kyle Thompson – Effingham HS
Macy Webster – Peoria HS


Photo credits:  Wagner Portrait Group