2023 ICCA Coaches Conference March 18th & 19th Bloomington, IL

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ICCA Outstanding Service Award

The ICCA Outstanding Service Award in honor of ICCA Founder- Pamela Dorner-Saxhaug is given to individuals who have served on the ICCA Board of Directors and have gone over and above in their contributions to ICCA.

Past ICCA Outstanding Service Award in Honor of Pamela Dorner- Saxhaug Winners include:

  • Pam Dorner-Saxhaug
  • Jane Kerr
  • Sandy Erickson
  • Chris Borzym
  • Rosie Allan
  • Jan Bernard
  • Marcia Basolo
  • Tibretta Reiman
  • Cindy Garwood
  • Cindy Rueter
  • Camille Munson
  • Cheryl Haselhorst
  • Susie Miller
  • Joan Schmelzle
  • Mickey Klement
  • Carla Taylor
  • Corey Friedl
  • Joanna Enoch
  • Betty Moore
  • Pat Vivio
  • Neva Corn
  • Kelly Aylesworth
  • Valerie Mallon