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ICCA Hall of Fame

ICCA Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame awards are given in recognition to individuals excelling and supporting cheerleading in the state of Illinois through the Illinois Cheerleading Coaches Association. Individuals can enter the Hall of Fame in recognition as a Coach, member of the Board of Directors or as an Official. ICCA Board members nominate coaches and voting takes place through the Board of Directors.

Teri Aebischer

Sandy Bovine

Neva Corn

Pam Dorner-Saxhaug

Sandy Erickson

Corey Friedl

Cindy Garwood-Hamel

Billie Griggs

Cheryl Haselhorst

Jane Kerr

Mickey Klement

Pat Leaf-Burke

April Mahy

Susie Miller

Betty Moore

Camille Munson

Judy O’Brien

Lynette Olexa

Ruthann Payne

Tibretta Reiman

Rick Rochelle

Terelynn Svetlecich-Russel

Collen Sands

Joan Schmelzle

Millie Shepich

Carla Taylor

Kelly Ayelsworth

Lisa Turner

Pat Vivio

Becky Weslow

Cindy Rueter

Brie Toste

Marilyn Bloemker