2021-2022 ICCA Invitational Dates

2021-2022 ICCA Invitational Dates November 20 Waterloo November 28 Alton December 4  Pontiac December 4 Carterville December 5 Mt. Vernon December 11 Highland December 11 Farmington December 11 Rockford Guilford December 12 Pinckney... Read More


Membership with ICCA provides many perks to member schools/individuals.  Member schools receive a reduced rate for all ICCA competitions and can qualify for the longest running cheer Championship in the State of Illinois.  ICCA offers recognition for Senior Scholar Athletes,  All-State team (Freshman through Senior Varsity Winter Cheerleaders are eligible) , and over $10,000 yearly to Senior Cheerleaders through the Scholarship Application and the ICCA Unsung Hero Award. The ICCA also recognizes a Coach of the Year each year. These member coaches are vital to our school programs and the continued leadership and instruction of our member athletes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call the ICCA Membership Director, Hillary Rikli, at  [email protected] or 618-514-9551.

To register, complete this online form.  Do not submit until you have all information.  Payment may be made through PayPal or you will be prompted to print the completed form and mail a copy in with your payment at the end of the submission. 

Fees are: $25.00 Team and $10.00 Individual


Early Membership* $25
Regular Membership* $25

*Early membership is due by May 31, 2021


Early Membership* $10
Regular Membership* $10

*Early membership is due by May 31, 2021

***Teams will need to be members prior to competition in order the qualify for ICCA Championship***

Only ICCA member schools/teams may compete in the ICCA Championships.